Design and Analysis of Experiments
by Angela Dean, Daniel Voss, and Danel Draguljić
Copyright 2017, Springer Verlag New York, Inc.

  1. Principles and Techniques
  2. Planning Experiments
  3. Designs with One Source of Variation
  4. Inferences for Contrasts and Treatment Means
  5. Checking Model Assumptions
  6. Experiments with Two Crossed Treatment Factors
  7. Several Crossed Treatment Factors
  8. Polynomial Regression
  9. Analysis of Covariance
  10. Complete Block Designs
  11. Incomplete Block Designs
  12. Designs with Two Blocking Factors
  13. Confounded Two-Level Factorial Experiments
  14. Confounding in General Factorial Experiments
  15. Fractional Factorial Experiments
  16. Response Surface Methodology
  17. Random Effects and Variance Components
  18. Nested Models
  19. Split-Plot Designs
  20. Computer Experiments